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Reasons for blogging

28 February 2014 19:04:00

I've been a professional developer since 1997 and work solely as a contractor.

The development industry is a very strange place to work sometime but it amazes me how you can always learn new skills, tips and techniques even after so many years of doing the job. 

Most of the development my company does now is oriented around the web which means keeping up to date with emerging and new technology and development techniques. 

The idea behind this blog is to keep some notes about how we implement and use new technology and general software development.

We could post to facebook but that's probably a quick way to lose friends!


Entering the world of blogging

28 February 2014 17:04:00

Hi- this is my first attempt to run a blog so we'll see how long I can stay focussed and keep it going.

Future posts will explain what I hope to achieve from blogging.